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A knowledgeable and compassionate approach to personal
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counseling, adolescent counseling and separation mediation.

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Jody Miller
"Inside every problem is an amazing opportunity for growth."


Reaching out for help is the first and hardest step; my point of view is that within every problem is an amazing opportunity for personal growth, so please know you have reached out to grow. Whether you are coming for individual or relationship counseling, whether you are in severe emotional crisis or just need some advice about life, I offer you a knowledgeable and compassionate approach to personal problems and the professional environment you need to work on them. See what others have said >>

About Me

I am a graduate of Hahneman University’s prestigious Marriage and Family Master Degree program. After holding several clinical directorships and many years in community mental health, I began my private psychotherapy practice in 1990. I have always been grateful for the wonderful opportunity I have been given to help people when they need it most. My greatest reward is to see you change and grow, with the knowledge that you will eventually take your growth into your family and community.
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Starting Therapy

Therapy often begins when folks realize family and friends may not have an objective view of the issues. It is difficult for the closest people in your life to know where true accountability is for you. What I offer is an educated and intuitive look at the areas of growth that are the most critical for your particular situation. Are you a victim of circumstance? Or are you proactively using challenges to promote positive change? Together we will customize emotional, physical and spiritual technologies to meet your ultimate potential. Let me help you see the bigger picture.
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